Rev. 06/18/2022

Regathering with Safety and Care- Endemic
Action Plan for Safely Regathering under COVID-19


  • Vaccination. Congregants are encouraged to be vaccinated and boosted.  
  • Masks. Masks WILL NOT be required for vaccinated people. However, when the county Covid count on Current safety measures - Coronavirus COVID-19 Response ( recommends mask wearing, St. Augustine will also recommend people wear masks in our service. Masks will be required for people who are unvaccinated. This will not be enforced.
  • Communication for Masks. The exterior signs asking people to keep masked will be taken down. The Rector WILL NOT mention mask requirement in the service welcome.  


By participating in a corporate service you consent to the practices for safe interaction and to follow any directions given for the safety of our parish body.


  • Service Times. We will have a 10am service. The 10am service will be in-doors and will be streamed liv e.
  • Music. Singing is permitted without masks for vaccinated people.
  • Offertory. We will pass the plates.
  • Liturgy. We will celebrate with Holy Eucharist with intinction by Priest and Lay Eucharistic Minister. We will refrain from the shared cup.

Family Worship

  • Sunday School. We will resume Sunday School with masks.
  • Nursery. We will resume the nursery with masks.

Celebrant & Clergy

  • Gospel. The Gospel book will be read from the front, not in the middle of the congregation. This will maintain safe distance from members of the congregation, and allow for a clearer camera view for the live stream.
  • Communion. To avoid possible contamination of the bread, the Celebrant and Lay Eucharistic Ministers will take communion last.

Food & Fellowship

  • Food. We will resume inside food activities.
  • Touching Food. Food should be monitored to limit the spread of germs.
  • Seating. Allow extra space between people seating at tables. Allowing four or five for a round table.
  • Signing Up. For large food events that differ than Coffee Hour, sign ups are encouraged so Canterbury Hall can be prepared for the right number of participants. Always include extra spaces for those who show up but do not sign up.
  • Air Flow. Turn on the air conditioning fan and the central air. Encourage cold nature people to bring a sweater.
  • Hand Washing. Encourage hand-washing and hand sanitation. Practicing personal hygiene with regular hand washing can limit the spread of Covid-19.
  • Coffee Hour. Will be resumed with modifications directed by The Hospitality Director.

Exposure, Sickness or Illness Symptoms

If you are exposed to the virus:

If you are NOT vaccinated:

  • Stay home and quarantine for 5 days until you can take a Covid-19 test and test negative.

If you ARE VACCINATED and up to date on your vaccinations:

  • If you feel sick, please quarantine, and get tested. Stay home until you have negative results, and you feel better.
  • If you do not feel symptoms, you DO NOT need to quarantine. Test 5 days later.
  • Cold. Flu. Please remain home and take care to get well.
  • Sniffles. Please wear a mask if you are concerned you have a transferable virus.
  • Allergies. You may join us in person without taking a test. If you suspect you have Covid-19, please take a Covid-19 test.
  • Additional
  • Font. The Baptismal Font will be filled.
  • Circulation. Overhead fans will be used during services and events to increase the circulation in the room.
  • Signage. To be determined.