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The Rev. Anny Genato, Rector

The Reverend Anny Genato is the Rector of St. Augustine Episcopal Church. She is passionate about welcoming others into a safe place to know God. She does this by supporting small groups, training people in spiritual care, providing spiritual practices to know God, preaching about God’s vision for a thriving life, and providing pastoral care. Her dream for St Augustine is that every congregant has two people they know deeply at the church, a best friend, and a person they can go to for guidance. She believes The Church’s mission is to love others and do good in Christ’s name. She loves St. Augustine because we are a welcoming open group of people who care for people and do good in the world. We do good in Placer Co, or “do good in the hood.”   

Prior to working as a Rector, she was a Vocational Advisor at Fuller Theological Seminary. She assisted seminary students in discernment of their future vocations. She also helped them create a plan to become equipped to do their ministry. Prior to being a Vocational Advisor, she was the Assistant Director of Admissions and performed Vocational Counseling with prospective students. She also served as a Chaplain at Fuller Theological Seminary.

Before coming to the Episcopal Church, Anny was an ordained pastor in the Free Methodist Church, where she served as Senior Pastor of Verdugo Community Church in Glendale, California. Prior to becoming the Senior Pastor at Verdugo, she also served as an Associate Pastor specializing in Family Ministries, including children, youth, and spiritual formation.

Anny graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity in 2008 after receiving a B.A in Visual Art from the University of Houston. She is currently working on a Doctorate of Ministry degree studying Faith, Work, Economics, and Vocation. Her doctorate dissertation is a curriculum to help laity discern their unique ministry.

Anny also has training in Spiritual Direction from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and Career Counseling Training through the National Career Development Association.  She specializes in Vocational Discernment, and currently serves several clients as a Spiritual Director and a Vocational Counselor.  Her specialty is helping people discover how God created them uniquely to serve God.

Anny is originally from Houston, Texas. She moved to California to attend Fuller in 2004 but stayed after graduating with her Master of Divinity (MDiv) because she met Raymond, her husband. Raymond is an Electrical Engineer at HDR Engineering in Folsom. He is also a classically trained Ballet Dancer, soccer player, comic book aficionado, and board game enthusiast. Ray and Anny have two daughters, Kathey, who is involved with home repair, and Virginia, who is preparing for graduate work in Occupational Therapy.

Ray and Anny moved to Sacramento in November 2015. Anny is passionate about knowing God, knowing oneself, and equipping God’s people for service. She also loves her family, her friends, community theater, game nights, and being creative. Right now she is spending all her creative energy on decorating her new house.

Anny chose to be Episcopalian because she was drawn to the Episcopal Church’s high respect for people, connection to the historical church, sacramental liturgy, spiritual practices, and focus on social justice. Anny and Ray started going to an Episcopal Church in 2014 at St. Andrew’s Church in Fullerton, California. She was confirmed at St. Andrew’s Church in Antelope. She was ordained as a Deacon on June 8, 2018 and ordained as an Episcopal priest on December 11, 2019.


Sharon Mershon, Parish Administrator

Amy Quinney, Music Director

Virginia Genato, Nursery Assistant

Natalie Cooper, Sunday School Lead Teacher

Kara Diaz, Sunday School Lead Teacher


  March 2021